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Pine Hollow Nurseries Warranty


Installed Warranty


All plants with the exceptions of dogwoods, pines, spruces, perennials and annuals are warranted for a period of one year, as long as the plants are maintained properly. This means if a plant dies from too much water, not enough water, insect or fungus the warranty is void. We are also not responsible for acts of nature/weather.  We request that if a customer sees something going wrong with their plants they call us so we can diagnose the problem before it becomes fatal.  Ninety percent of the time it is a type of customer neglect that causes a plant to fail.  Too much water can cause root rot, which leads to fungus.  Not enough water leads to dry out and starvation.  When the plant leaves the nursery it is required by the State to be healthy.  Please inform us of changes in your plants.  Of course if there is doubt as to the cause it is fully covered.


Plant roots need to freeze WET in the winter.  When a ground freeze is called for make sure your roots are good and wet.  This ensures that they don’t get a type of freezer burn that can harm them.  Heavy snow should be broomed or shaken off of branches being pulled down by the weight.

We do not warranty ANY bulbs or seeds (Grass, Flower or Vegetables)


                          Customer Installed Warranty


The same exclusions as the installed warranty however the time frame is for 6 months and 50% of the cost paid for the plant. Healthy plants taken care of properly will last the full lifetime of their species.  Just like people they can get sick but there are treatments for most kind of problems.  Remember to call us if there is a problem.


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